Char transfer EU Central -> EU West

Hello guys

I start playing on day 1 of EU release, and since the server had huge queue some of my friends that started later are now on EU West.
My question is, will be possible to transfer a char from EU Central to EU West in the future?



Hey, it was said that char transfers are not a feature in this game, so wouldn’t bet that they ever come.

When talking about server merge: this was answered a while ago by Roxx and won’t happen anytime soon.

tnks for your reply.
i think this is very bad management from amazon and smilegate. i think this may even cost them a fraction of they playrbase. i speak for myself, i wont abandont my char to start over on another server, i would probably quit lost ark and start playing some other game…
with the player base droping and the amount of bots, i dont understand why they dont do something about this…

It was clear since the beginning.

No transfers.

Korea has this function (only server not region yet) why you talk if you don’t know?

This happened one time and is not a service, it was a manual movement that you had to sign up for in advance, was limited amount of people also.

not true :slight_smile:

@hisocka and you can transfer char between servers in the same region? any limitation?

no u cant.

@Kakaochen well if it happen it means that there are no technical limitations, so thats good.
what was the reason for that?

The reason was the test of possibility and characters got copied and moved by hand.
This was apparently very labour and cost expensive. So wouldn’t count on it becoming a thing.

dear god…i played Age of Conan from FUNCOM like 10 years ago, they made this for free…