Character Appearance Change did not work for costume

I got the Vanquisher pack on Steam.

At character select screen I clicked RESKIN button to change character appearance.

I changed my character including costume, various eye/hair/skin colors, fairly extensively not using presets.

I saved this appearance under customization 1 slot. I double-checked appearance and it was good to go.

Then I clicked bottom button to apply changes and at the character select screen I see that the COSTUME did not change. I still had the same old costume in-game. Not good. And now I have no appearance customization ticket left. Relogged and still no costume change in-game.

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Costumes in the “reskin” part of character select is only for preview, u don’t get those skins after u change your character. the “reskin” option is for changing hair color eyes etc. as you would have at character creation.

Every character I’ve played so far, except Shadowhunter, has visual changes in their gear when getting something new. Since like level 11, the Shadowhunter’s gear and weapon have not changed, even though I have gone through dozens of upgrades.

I’m having the same problem but only the head slot. Been stuck on the starting goggles and won’t change to anything else.

Having the same issue as well! Gunslinger is level 17 and looks the same as when i was level 10 – none of the equips that i’ve been wearing have changed my character’s appearance

Having the same issue. Just purchased a reskin, saved, went back to the main screen and it’s the same as before. Should I just dispute my money?

Those skins are simply the previews of currently unavailable outfits, and not actual default skins for your character.

I mentioned this in the first few days after launch. One of my characters never changes their look, even though I’ve upgraded gear many times. I just figured most of their gear looks the same with different stats.