Character bound materials rant

I’m always careful on which character I claim stuff bcoz I know some things are character bound, but this time I fucked up big time.

I was tired and about to go to bed, but first I was gonna prepare for next days honing session. I’m 1400 and was gonna try to push for 1415 before valtan release. Been buying crystals for gold and then converting it to greater leapstones through Mari’s for a better price.

I totally forgot that I was on my T2 character and accidentally claimed all the leapstones on the wrong character, that i’ve been saving for weeks. I have no plans on leveling this alt and use it purely to camp merchants, do rapport etc.

Roster bound materials are fine, but character bound?! Why?!

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When I see these posts, I like to re-link this. Keep bumping and liking the below post to see if we can at some point get an actual answer about this. Many, many players complain about the idea that they need to fustration delete old materials.

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