Character can't log in after game crash!

I was doing my main quest when a message appear telling me about some erro to conect with the server and i pressed ok, the game was closed, i’ve tried to log in again and again with my character (a Striker lvl 36), but the game tell me that: “Could not connect to game.”

I’ve try create a new char and the log in was a success, but i just want and need to play for now with my main char… and the problem only ocurrer in him, i’ll add some printscreen.

i hope it can be fixed as son as possible cause i’m losing my dailys, and my TIME, i’m a worker… i just have friday and the weekened to have some fun, so this situation is getting me upsat…really… a lot.

I’ll stay in dipositions with anymore informations ins needed to help u guys fix that error and let me just play in peace…

I’m already thankfull and will keep wating.

Character nickname: Kend
Server: South America - Yorn

Same problem here, Kazeiros server.

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Try to create another character and then switch side with your main.
It worked with me

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I tried to connect on Kazeiros and another server entirely, issue persist.

I’ve already tried this, and when the character should be load, the game send again to this screen to select my characters and bring the msg of error…

That’s why there’re a Warrior lvl 1…

same problem here

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I’ve also tried to log-in on other server, creating a new char, and i’ve done without problems in other new server and new character (not kazeros), on my case, the problem stay only in my specific character.

Same here, playing on SA - Kazeros.