Character Creation – Ideas, Concepts and Overall Design

Greetings everyone!

As the EU release gets closer and closer, I’m finally making up my mind about what class to choose as my first one. I’m totally new to this game, but I’m optimistic and willing to play it since it gives me good feelings and apparentely satisfies my own tastes.

As far as I can tell, Warrior seems to be my favourite class. Although I’m still not sure about what Sub-Class to choose, I’ve already got lots of ideas about what my first character should look like. I’ve watched many videos about the Character Creation in LA and I’m aware of what you can and cannot do. I ask you if there are sites or topics in any site that provide ideas or concepts for characters – stuff like tutorials or presets to make cool characters that could even look like other famous characters from different operas.

If I had to give a specific idea, I’d like to know if there are guides to make Warriors that look like Garrett Hawke from DA or Tryndamere/Graves from LoL.

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