Character Customisation Tickets Request

Amazon, you informed us that names would be locked until manual release. This is not true at all. Once a character is deleted, the name is immediately restored and can be re-used. I’ve boosted 3 characters that have taken the top default preset because I wanted to secure my names. Those characters are now level 50. Had I known about this before boosting them, they would look completely different. Because of your misinformation, I now have to pay over 25 euros just to correct this situation. If not for your misinformation, I would have deleted those characters and remade them as I’d have been none the wiser to any kind of possibility that a system like the one your CMs announced could even be attached to a modern online game. Due to your publicly stated incorrect information, I will need 3 character customisation tickets. Please consider this request as it doesn’t seem at all unreasonable.

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