Character Deleted with CELEBRATION GIFT

Hi there,

I am a new player just entered this game.

I did a really stupid thing that I claimed celebration gift in my first test character in tutorial chapter. Then I deleted that character as I was thinking I would like taking another class as my main so I need that character name for my next character.

I thought it would be a gift for every new character instead of account so I did that horrible mistake. After hours of playing, it is painful to me seeing almost everyone riding a Terpeion.

I am a serious player for contents collection and missed founder pack already but I convinced myself that wont be a problem because part of it are tradable. I really like this game, Could I have any any any chance to restore my celebration gift on my current character? Please help me, thank you in advance!

Hi there, I hope you are doing great.

Welcome to the forums @Frankliyf0505

To answer your question, we can restore your old character back, you can reach us here: Contact Us | Amazon Games but we cannot transfer nor issue your claimed item to a new character.

I hope this info helps, I wish you have an amazing week.