Character Deleted


Just logged back into Lost Ark after playing all day yesterday and my character was deleted and is not on any server, I’ve checked all of them. Any way to look into this?


If the server was Galawhatever then it’s down right now. Happening to me too.

Was this a North America east server? Because my character is also gone and I am panicking lol. It was on one of those servers.

My character is on Regulus which is an East Coast server. All three characters have disappeared. I’m very concerned and wish they would address it to let us know something. I’m scared they are just gone forever.

i literally just had same issue but i only logged off for like 5 mins and when i came back on 2 charcters gone

my character server is changed from Kadan to Spectrum

Support said that they don’t see my characters as ever having existed omg.

DUDE same thing just happened to me, I played for a few hours and decided to call it a day. Logged back on just now to find out that my character has been wiped, alongside with the items I got in the founder’s pack. Wtf