Character deletion resets for the second time


I have a issue with my Character deletion, i try’d to delete my Sourcerees for 2 times now.

I started on Sunday around 11 p.m UTC my charcter deletion countdown, i logged back in on monday and try’d to delete them but it seems like the countdown was on reset. I try’d it again on monday and today it’s the same, the countdown is on reset.

Is there any chance that a character can be deleted manually from any staff member? because i really don’t want to wait weeks now until i can delete my character to create a new one.

Hi there! :wave:

Unfortunately, I do have the power to delete or restore characters, however I moved this to the support section so our support team can take a look.

Hello @Fuchsicity

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m really sorry for the delay deleting your character.

All you have to do is select the character you want to delete and press delete again and it will be done.

Let me know if that worked.

Have a great day and take care! :dagger: :mage:

I’ve done this 2 times now, the timer resets again again and again, i dont know.

Feels like i’m pressured to buy more character slots

Hey @Fuchsicity,

My apologies if you feel any kind of presaure to buy more slots, that’s not our intention at all.

Just to make sure, as I understand you are trying to delete a character that is lvl 11 or higher, you already waited the 24 hours of the deletion process but after the 24h the time just resets and the character is not getting deleted.
Is that correct?


No, i dont even have to wait until the 24h timer is completed the timer resets before. Don’t know when, because I do not watching on it for 24h. But it was 2 times for now.

Ohh I see, thank you so much for the information,

So, somehow the deletion process is getting stopped.

In this case I’ll ask you to please contact our colleagues in the Customer support, they will escalate the case if is necessary to make an in-depth research and find a solution to this as soon as possible.
I’m sorry for the issues this may cause to you,