Character Deletion / Reusing Character Name

I had a character on a server and was experiencing EXTREMELY long wait times, typically 45m or more at peak hours for me to get in. By which time the game typically crashes or times out for me and when I would restart the game, I’d have to sit in the queue all over again.

I decided to delete my character at level 11 which had really just done the prologue and switch servers to a less populated server with no wait. BIG MISTAKE.

I didn’t realize until after it was too late that the game locks character names that are deleted for 60 days. So I can’t even recreate my main character on a new server at this point. I can understand locking a character name for 60 days if it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S character to prevent someone from stealing it for a short time, but why does it lock it if it’s MY OWN character that I deleted?

So at this point, I’ve paid money for a game in which my account isn’t prioritized over F2P players and bots so I have to wait in long queues to join. And when I try to rectify the situation and promote balanced servers by moving to a less populated one, I can’t reuse the character name that I originally created.

It seems like we’re off to a great start. Developers, if you can see this, please fix this issue!

Long wait times → 45 Minutes…meanwhile EUC players on ASTA or ZINNERVALE waiting 4-5h

While I may not have as long a wait time as some, my main issue is that I can’t even create a character. That may not even be a big deal to some, but it is to me, especially for a game I paid for. That’s the point I’m really trying to make.

In a perfect world, none of us would have wait times at all. And if that were the case, I’d have had no reason to even delete my characters in the first place, but here we are. It’s just an unfortunate mess.

I’ve had the exact same issue, I just wanted to try the game out, once I decided I wanted to play and my friends picked a server, boom, lost my iconic name.
Had to pay to name change so I could free up my name on my actual server…
I kind of feel robbed.

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