Character Expansion slots

I bought more Character Expansions slots hoping to have more than 12 characters and used the tickets. The game just consumed the tickets and did not give me anymore Character slots.

Please refund the lost crystals to my account as it appears the maximum characters i can have is 12.

Side note… why can i buy and use tickets if i am already at the maximum count ?


Please can a customer service rep get back to me on this. I do not know where else to get this rectified. It’s roughly 16 bucks worth of Royal crystals that are just going into the ether. All because we cannot have more than 12 characters ?!


Am i even in the right spot Roxx ?

Hello @cryodacry

I’m not entirely sure what they could do for you, as it’s weird that you were even able to purchase more character expansion slots than the character creation limit. If I’m not mistaken, the shop has a purchase limit on the character expansion tickets to prevent this from happening.

I’d recommend reaching out to Amazon Games support via web ticket so that they can investigate this for you and see what options there are to resolve it.

Please go here and fill out the required information with as many details as possible!

Not sure if they can help refund but anyone should be able to see that it’s clear as the sky that currently 12 character slots is maximum

However, I would urge for an QoL patch asap to disable consumption of character slot expansion if the player already unlock all available slots at the state of the game has to offer.

Just hold onto your remaining ticket and use them when more slots released