Character Expansion

So, I have 7 characters. Obviously I had to purchase 1 (single) expansion pass. Tell me why in the shop I can only buy 10 instead of 11.

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This won’t help you in anyway, but they lowered the amount you can purchase from 18 to 12 in this patch, but instead of eliminating the ones you already purchased(or the 6 they give you free), it removed 6 that were still available to expand your account.

It’s like they solved a problem that was outdated by the patch with the patch. If they left it alone it probably would have been fine.

I got a character slot ticket from the Founder’s Pack and Vanquisher’s Pack, so it left me 2 to purchase today. I purchased the Explorer’s Pack today which comes with a character slot, and other stuff, to see if it would work and it did, so I’m up to 15 character slots.

If you want character slots now, before it gets fixed, there is a way. You can decide if the packs they come in are worth it for you.

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