Character hair graphical error (permanent)

I’ve been trying to ignore it for days now, but I need to at least make this post now…what sucks the most, is that this is what I got after using a character customization ticket.

It’s the grey at the bottom, incase you somehow can’t see it.

I’m definitely not paying money to fix this…

I’ve tried unequipping gear to see if it affects the hair, but nothing changes it. I put “permanent” in the title because while this is a graphical glitch, it doesn’t go away ever like glitches often do.

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I fixed it.


oof that is a glaring glitch hopefully they will fix it
I’m not sure if they fixed the south Vern port visual bug I haven’t tried putting my alts at the port there since it was reported

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i have same issues at the Edges of the new Hair from reskin…

Hair seems to be a rough thing for LA…