Character Hairstyle model clips through outfits

-What server did you experience your issue on:​ Una

-What is your character name in Lost Ark:

-Describe the issue you are experiencing: Character hairstyle model clips through outfits. From the customization preview your are not able to see this.

-Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

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it’s not an issue it’s a game design ,a lot of games have this

The issue is that you’re not able to see that it clips from the preview when creating a character. If I had known that it was clipping I would have chosen a different hair style.

so? how does this affect the game?

Are you slow? How does ANY cosmetic customization have an affect on physical gameplay? It doesn’t. This is a post about a cosmetic bug.

i’m not slow, it’s not a bug, it’s a game design, most of the games that have a variety of hairstyle lengths have this , because when they design skins and armors and such they can’t adjust it to fit every type of hairstyle, adjusting it to fit every style would mean different versions of it , and that takes time and more resources than it’s worth, it’s true that some triple A games have physics that make the hair a standalone object on the model and the skins/ armors/whatever a solid object that other things can’t phase through, but you’re talking about games made with newer versions of unreal engine or other base engines for their games, currently lost ark is using the unreal engine 3 (2011) newer versions have more features than older ones, older ones come with limitations, hence games that allow character customization and that use older engines will have hair clipping

buddy no one asked about the limitations of unreal engine 3 nor does anyone care. The issue is that YOU CAN NOT SEE THAT THIS SPECIFIC HAIRSTYLE IS CLIPPING WHEN YOU CREATE A CHARACTER. Only AFTER you create a character and are using other skins that you can SEE THAT IT CLIPS.

Bold meta.

well " buddy" if you know the limitations of an engine , you know why it’s happening and you also know this is not a bug but a game design

How could you possibly know its happening without creating a character and seeing for yourself. You could guess but you wouldn’t even know without testing each skin to see if it did actually clip.

Its not requried to know the limitations of an engine to play a game on it you ape, and if you think its AGS’ intentions to purposely mislead people by showing a skin preview that DOESNT clip when you create a character then youre deluded.

first off all calm down boy, what do you want ags/sg to do here? someone gave you an answer of why it’s happening but you are refusing to see reason and start foaming at the mouth like a kid because your long hair clips, boo hoo , understand that the engine has limitations which also includes not being able to fully rotate a character if you don’t like that , change the appearance, or go play a game with a newer engine like bdo, oh wait there is clipping there as well , if not bdo then FFXIV , wait, clipping is there too, i guess you’re out of luck , if you still don’t like that , why don’t you try to create an engine that doesn’t have clipping? and while you’re at it also design skins that match every single one of the hairstyles, and then come back to see what happens. you should learn to stop flaming over everything, you reported a bug, and someone gave you the answer, and in response you started to be insulting because you didn’t like the answer that was given to you, grow up

Let me break it down so that maybe you can understand.

You cannot see that this specific hairstyle clips in the customization preview, that is whether you use a customization ticket OR create a new character. It is the same preview window.

No one cares WHY this hairstyle clips, nor does this have ANYTHING to do with the situation.

A character customization ticket was used to change to this specific hairstyle and immediately after completing the change it was found that IT DOES IN FACT CLIP. IF this information was possible to be known beforehand, than this hairstyle WOULD NOT have been used.


Refunding the customization ticket is the obvious easy solution.

refund? why ? the ticket worked as intended, there is no reason for a refund, and i explained why there is clipping , how it happens and why it can’t be changed, if the clipping grosses you out soo much then get another ticket, a refund for it is not reasonable because the product worked as intended, let me give you an analogy, you buy a phone from 2011, it works as intended and it has all the features available for that specific model, but it’s 2022 and a new model came out and now and you’re getting angry that newer models have better and more features than the 2011 one and you go back to the store and demand a refund because the newer models have better and more features than your old phone, is that a good reason for a refund? no because the 2011 phone works as intended and you’re just pissed off that you can’t have all these stuff on something that can’t handle the stuff you want

wtf are you talking about lmao i’ts not that deep the ticket did NOT work as intended. There was not enough information given from the game to know that the hairstyle would clip with other skins and a set of completly different skins that did NOT clip was used in the preview.

the ticket allows you to change the appearance of the character, does it not? what didn’t work about the ticket? did you get an error when using it? no , did it not allow you to change the appearance of the character ? no , were you limited on what you can change about the character? no , when you were done altering the appearance did it give you an error? no , was you character appearance not changed after you hit save? no. The ticket worked as intended , you’re asking for a refund on an item that worked perfectly and had no issues

The preview mis-represented how the customization ticket actually worked so yes I did get an error when using the ticket. Its false advertising. If you paid for a customization you expect for that customization to look how it appears in the preview. Its the same as receiving a blue skin when you actually paid for a red one.

but your character does look like that buddy and how did it misrepresent? did it give you a different colored hair than what you selected ? or the wrong style?

Yes literally the wrong style. How my character ended up looking was DIFFERENT than the preview could have possibly shown. How is that so hard to understand.

did you not select the longest hair option? if you did, did you not get the longest hair option? when you customize you character you can only change the face and hair, what skins it shows it has nothing to do with the actual customization of the character. You chose to change it to that hairstyle and some armors will have clipping, but the armor has nothing to do with the character customization

You really have nothing better to do than insert yourself into a 4 month old ticket that support told me to make. Im starting to feel bad for you. Truely no one asked for you opinion and i’m not going to keep trying to get it through your thick skull. I made a purchase and did not receive what I expected end of story. When I contacted support they agreed with me and told me to make a forum ticket so that visibility can be brought to the BUG.