Character in Character Screen flickering wildly

After last night’s update, my character within the character screen is flickering and moving wildly on screen. I tried to screen capture it, but the character view shows blank. Not the exact issue, but still a bug nevertheless. I don’t know if this happening with anyone else.

Update: I have rolled back to driver version 22.5.1 and the flickering has gone away. @ryouiki for the recommending that solution.

The reason I went back to 22.5.1 was because when I rolled back to 22.6.1 through device manager, adrenalin was no longer working. After a clean and factory reset, Lost Ark and Adrenalin is looking good. I hope this helps with this type of issue.

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Same for me, it happens under character profile, pet inventory, and MVP screen.
I did upgrade my graphic drivers to the latest version(AMD released today) might be related.

That’s a good point. I also updated my AMD 6800XT GPU to the recent driver as well.

Yup, 6900XT here, might have to rollback drivers if no fix :disappointed:

Let’s hope the Devs and Community Manager see this post to fix it right away. The only reason I jump on the recent AMD driver update so quickly was because of the display issues I was already experiencing with lost ark. Bummer :pensive:

This is caused by AMD Radeon driver 22.7.1. Reverting to 22.6.1 or lower resolves the issue.


I figure that is the case. No new update goes without creating more issues.

Yeah i got the same flickering bug. I did verify the game files + reinstalled the game but it’s still there. Might need to rollback my AMD 6600XT update that I recently updated if it aint get fixed. Might just be an AMD problem. seems like everyone that have left a comment have AMD.

Hey Kurasake, it looks like you might want to roll over back 22.6.1 like ryouiki mentions. Looking at the release notes of 22.7.1, there are some known issues with stuttering and flickering. Might be the reason, we are experiencing flickering and strobing of certain features within the game.

i can concur i also updated to 22.7.1 and it flickers as well for me

Hey! yeah okey I will do that and hope it get fixed soon! :slight_smile:

Same, just updated to 22.7.1 and the whole screen is flickering.

Posted a video here, linked to /r/amdhelp. They know about it.

Sadly, the error persists in 22.8.1 - 6900XT here.

Hey all, I’ve informed the team that the latest AMD drivers are causing graphical issues. Thanks everyone for reporting in and sharing your solutions!

Thank you for passing the info along - just to clarify: it’s not just the latest drivers. The issue came up with 22.6.1 and persists up until now with the most recent release being 22.8.1.

It’s on AMD’s list of known issues.

  • While playing Lost Ark™, flickering may be intermittently experienced after changing displaying settings or checking character info with some AMD Graphics Products such as the Radeon™ RX 6800 Graphics.
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Good info! Let’s hope for a quick fix :pray:.

They fixed it on version 22.8.2. Finally no more flickering!

Can Confirm 22.8.2 fixes this issue.