Character Level Achievement Chest - Glaivier


I have a Glaivier character and have bought the above chest from the store. I have not noticed that Glaivier class is not listed as a compatible class to open that chest. Is it intentional or it has been forgotten to update the chest discription. If it is intentional what I can do with that chest since it is bound and not usable for me…


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I too would like to know if this is going to be fixed/changed, and if so… will it be retroactive?

I originally started leveling a Striker, but last week started a Glaivier, which has now more or less become my “main” and just hit 50 on it. Although I do plan on leveling other classes, and would therefore be able to open the chests, it would be nice if the Glaivier (and future classes) were also allowed to open such items.

Maybe a little too late. Transfer it via roster storage at your nearest storage keeper for anyone still having this question.