Character Migration Alternatives and other misc Region-based changes

Hey AGS,

Haven’t seen my ideas around so wanted to share some of the ideas I had that might be easier to implement from a dev perspective. My idea is this: if a character is level 50+ and passed the North Vern story line, allow for that character to be “traded” (deleted) in exchange for an account available powerpass. Make this only usable maybe 2 or 3 times so that it’s not taken advantage of.
Things this would solve:

  1. Players frustration with being stuck on 1 server while their friends are on another and feeling stuck due to the need to grind.
  2. The current powerpass frustrations where they can only be used on the server they were redeemed on (this was not properly communicated so a lot of people effed this up).
  3. The inability for devs to implement a character migration currently. I have some programming background, and I understand this way more complicated than people want to think it is depending on the games infrastructure. Because this idea implements 2 major features that are already implemented in the game, it should be plausible.

Implementation Ideas:
A new button on character selection that “delete for powerpass”. Once pressed, this will run a check on the character to see how along the storyline it is and if it’s level 50. Also check that they are under the allotted limit of uses. Once confirmed, take a snapshot of the character (in case something goes wrong and you don’t need to “take the customer’s word for it”) and a regular deletion of the character is initiated and the powerpass is sent to the mail that is account wide, NOT the server specific mail.

Other Misc Region-based changes:

  1. Have Adventurer’s book be Region-based.
    A lot of people (including me) spent the 3-day early access playing the game for the first time and actually trying to 100% certain aspects like the mokoko seed for many of the regions they visited along the storyline. This was probably the second-biggest time sink during early access (the first being the grind to 50) that would help players move to different servers at this time.

  2. I believe anything Roster based, should be region-based. Quests, Adventurer’s book, Storage, Stronghold, certain currencies etc etc. I think a big mistake is that when the regions were implemented, they were treated as basically an entire countries servers. US West = KR or RU. My logic is, if the player has enjoyed it on 1 server, why force them to do it on another server if they want to have friends play with them? All the late-game content and auction house are shared between regions anyways, so I don’t see any disadvantage or advantage to have this implemented. One thing you’d have to do is limit the number of characters per account instead of per server. This would however, pave the way for the future of Lost Ark. There’s currently a large number of players, but in the next year or two some servers will inevitably die out due to player base. This is something that would help with the whole “give me character migration” both now and later, when there are less appealing guilds and player base on certain servers.

Anyways, I hope this helps in some way or form. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and it’s really disheartening to see a lot of other players having frustrations so just trying to help with some thoughtful ideas that I think might be a good band-aid for a large amount of the frustrations


Totally Agree, I would also want to see that the preorder stuff would still show up if you delete your character and use a powerpass on different server.

That’s a good point. This would be a little harder but yea ideally, any skins bound to the character that’s deleted would also need to be restored

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Like you can’t just click a button and this magically happens… What you think is a simple proposal is not a simple proposal at all.

The later suggestions are definitely a larger task, but the initial task is not because they already have the two features (deleting a character + powerpasses). They’d just need to add a check and provide the player with a powerpass if the storyline check passes. It’s a MUCH easier alternative than character migration as most people are asking.

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i’m ok with full account reset if that makes things faster, AND i get all my sh*t!!!