Character modelling

why are all the female models in heels? is it just poor modelling or lazy character rigging?

can AGS send a message to SG & tell them to remodel the feet of the female characters to be flat footed :man_facepalming:

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there’s bigger problems that need fixing.

its fine AGS are working on the other issues, they just have to write 1 more thing in their list

Just the artistic direction of the game.

Nope… Heels = longer legs and better a*s :wink:

martial artists/assasins shouldn’t be in heels but it’s fine for mages

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then again they shouldn’t be in cat/penguin etc costumes but it’s lost ark lmao

yeahh i agree lol. really don’t like the heels on martial artist class either, big turn down x)

i think that they could have modelled them flat footed then rig them correctly so we atleast had a choice :frowning:

Yes just re-rig everything, nbd.

you mean re-rig the single skeleton they use and duplicate it over to every other female mesh… yeah that sounds like alot of work

and then change all of the clothing/gear because you don’t like heels

It is when they need to adjust all the skins. Also each female character model is different for the main/sub classes. Fighter has a different model to mage and assassin etc.

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this was one of the reasons I stopped playing BDO, the high heels were just so silly looking. It’s a shame really, because the character creation in BDO is just so good. Luckily the female characters in Lost Ark look so ridiculous compared to BDO that I’m not interested in playing them anyways, but still, it’s silly.

Maybe one day they can do what ffxiv does and lengthen the legs to make flat feet for certain skins.

you can change the skeleton mesh without changing the animations, the only “extra” thing they would need to do is add different shoe types, which by the look of some of the shoes wouldn’t take very long its not like they would need to create new models, they would be able to adjust existing models.

hell they could even add a option the settings or character customization
do you want to change foot type [yes] / [no] and have 2 separate skeleton meshes.

I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more than that. If it didn’t take very long they could have easily done it with some of the Neria’s dressing room skins that include sneakers.

People asked for the Zerker model to be adjusted a while back and they’re still working on it.

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Because it’s hot.


lol not really