Character names limitations

Are you planning on expanding the character name limitations any time soon? I really don’t want to have to start naming my characters by putting numbers in my username and we’re running out of actual names to use including using special characters within them… Please allow the use of spaces or capital letters or like literally anything. No one wants to go around in an mmorpg named as Character552.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox


Bump for notice. Its been real hard to come up with names. I have had to resort to doubling up letters and it just looks bad.

Also I just realised numbers are also not allowed so we’re really fucked for names at this point.

With how many bots characters being created and each roster recommended to create at least 6 characters, it was going to be an issue sooner or later.

Especially if names are only single-word.

Even just allowing the use of spaces or _ would help at least a little bit, please tell us some kind of solution is in the works for this extremely rapidly growing issue @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Over the past 24 hours around 201,865 players logged into lost ark assuming all of those players had only the max f2p amount of characters that’s still 1,211,190 unique character usernames and that’s only for the people that logged in today even though there’s likely hundreds of thousands who don’t log in every single day that also have multiple characters. This is actually an extremely dire issue that needs resolving.

whenever i make an alt most of the time taken is creating a name, again a simple space or even allowing other capital letters aside form the first letter would help.