Character Naming Rules

can we PLEASE get an update on this?

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bump :face_exhaling:

any update? whats the reason behind all these absurd restrictions?
Why cant we use 2 capital letters in one word???

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For some reason i can use ‘Shinigami’ in the name! :frowning:

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give an update please.

@Roxx its been several months since launch, any word of name restriction changes ? A space, or capital letters?


loosen the naming restrictions ;-; PLEASE. and free up names on deleted characters


@Roxx Is this something Amazon still even has on the table of discussion?

Hey Roxx, its been 6 months :slight_smile:

@Roxx please give us an update.

Why are the restrictions still in place? Let us capitalize our names however we want.

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whats even the reason behind that restriction? cant think of one

@Roxx Please revive the topic.

It’s been 4 months since we last had any response or update on the topic

Is there a chance that this limitation will get reverted? What is the general reasoning for it’s existence?

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any update @Roxx

A tag system would be great, everyone can get the names they want. Also… @Roxx any update on this?

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox @Community-Team
Why his this topic still after 5 months not replied to once?

I can’t recommend ANY new player to join because I know that the moment they find out they can’t take their usual gamertag with slight abbreviation, they will not play. This is an alt heavy game. I have reserved all of my alt names on day 1, yet many others aren’t that lucky and you decided on changing the naming scheme in the last CBT without proper announcement, and you literally said that you’re going back to that topic post-release.

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