Character presets broken after latest update

Was gonna work on some faces in preparation for the new hairstyles, but I noticed that I can’t apply any of my previous presets. It comes up with an error.


yes pls fix

Welcome to the community, Laecha. I’m sorry to see you and so many other players are having this problem here on the forums today!

I’ve sent this problem to the development team in a previous thread.

Let us know if know if you end up finding a work around or if it starts working for you!

There is NO workaround…
If you click on a pre-saved preset, this message appears…

The only suggestion I have is to push the cancel button, as pushing OK WILL delete the file/preset…

This is my post on this matter that has had no reply…

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Thank you for the additional information regarding this error, I’m sorry your presets were deleted :frowning: . The development team is currently aware of this problem and is looking into it.


Having the same problem.

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they should give us free char cust…