Character recovery - Kazeros SA

Good Morning! I wanted to ask you a favor, a while ago I deleted a character of mine, a Deathblade… and recently it made me want to recreate this class, but I saw with some friends that you can give me back a character that I had already deleted .

I come to ask for your help, to restore my character!

My server: SA - Kazeros
Character Class: Deathblade
Character name: “Abrelshud”
I don’t remember how it was spelled correctly, but it was a variant of “Abrelshud”

Hello @Grifee,

Welcome to the forums. :bouquet:

Please allow me 5 minutes to do the same.

Thank you!

Hello @chrisdmn,

I have successfully restored your Deathblade, you may check in-game and let me know if you’re able to access it or not?

Hope this helps. :magic_wand:

I entered the game and she is not there ;/

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Hello @Grifee,

Can you please check again and let me know?

I’ll wait for your response.

Yes! Thanks for your attention and help!