Character recovery with Platinum skin in inventory?

yesterday I created and deleted a bunch of bards called “Starsidhe” (one called Starbirdy)
I did that to determine the perfect haircolor ingame (the charactercreation sometimes cheats with the lightning)
On one of those now deleted characters I tried to preview the platinum complimentary skin set.
(which didnt work)

It seems that I forgot to put the platinum skin set back into my roster inventroy and left it in the character inventory and then deleted that character.

Is it possible to restore the platinum skin set (the nontradable one) or restore the character that had the item in the inventory?
I know that it might be a hassle since I created a few of them and I now have an active bard called Starsidhe.

Server: Asta (EUC)
Charactername: Starsidhe or Starbirdy

Thank you in advance!

Hello, @Songbird!

I see you deleted a character with a founder’s skin on it.

This is indeed a bit tricky, but contact us via live chat so our colleagues can look into your account and see if it can be restored.

I hope this helps and your problem gets solved! :smiley: