Character restoration (bard) valtan server

I’m looking to see if it’s possible to restore my bard that was deleted a while ago on my account. It was a regret and I never should have deleted her … it was on the Valtan server, I can’t remember what her name was… hope you can help :slight_smile:

Hello @Jpepper

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Could you please provide the name of an active character on the same server as the deleted character from your Lost Ark account so that I can try to find the deleted Bard character for you?

I also request you to log out of the game for the time being.

Looking forward to your response. :innocent:

Hi @ThunderWolf !

Thanks for the response. On the valtan server I’ve got five other characters. Meliffec is the main char.

Thanks for the information @Jpepper

I found a Bard character named “Tzzar” on Level 50 with Item Level 960 in your Lost Ark account that has been successfully restored. Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a great day ahead. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :wolf:

Hi i need ur help pls

@ThunderWolf thank you very much for your help and time. I appreciate the swift response. Hopefully you have a great day.