Character Restoration EU central Ezrebet

Hi, hope you can help, i accidentally deleted my three characters…was in very bad mood because of life’s problems( Can you please restore them?
Character Server: Ezrebet - EU Central
Character Names:
Evistrars (Sorceress) 960
Evister (Gunslinger) 600
Avistar (Deathblade) 600

sorry for causing problems:(

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Hi @Thornleyed1.

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums, I hope you’re great :sunny:

I would like to help you investigate in order to restore you character. Please be offline in order to complete the restoration.

Edit: I have restored Evistrars, Evister and Avistar. Kindly check if the character are there.

Stay safe :raised_hands:

All good, Thanks a lot!!!)

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