Character Restoration (EU Central-Thirain)

Hi can i restore my gunslinger and glavier that i deleted awhile back. And also i dont remember my gunslinger nickname maybe after i deleted that character im using that nickname too can you help me please :slightly_smiling_face:

Server:Thirain (EU Central)
Character Ign:Gunslinger (dont know as i said before) Serteymaster (glaviers nickname)

Hey there @Thesertey Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Allow me a moment to check if we’re able to restore your characters! Make sure to have open character slots and be logged out of the game.

I bought 3 slots so i have slots but im on the game rn im quiting for you

@Thesertey I’ve now found both the characters you mentioned, please let me know when you’re logged out of the game so I can proceed with the restoration!

I logged out the game now im waiting ur proceed let me know pls ^^

@Thesertey I’ve now restored your Gunslinger named Serteys and your Glaivier named Serteymaster, you can now log back into the game!

See you in Arkesia!