Character Restoration request!

I would like to ask for restoration of a deleted character. Please. <3

Character deleted: Cescil (Sorcerer)

Onde of my chracters is called Dantte (berserker).
Server: South America, Arcturus.


Hi @Mithsue :lion:

I hope you’re well and having a great day. :man_mage: :sparkles:

After checking your account unfortunately we cannot restore another character due to character restoration limit this year.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but don’t worry is every calendar year and we can help you in a few weeks! :slight_smile: :star2:

If there is something else I can help you please let me know! Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords:

oh, may i ask how high the limit is ?

@Borbarad Unfortunately I’m not able to disclose the limit of restorations but for the character restoration process there are certain limitations to prevent system abuse and this limit is reset every calendar year. :slight_smile:

Oh… I didn’t know there was a limit… I ended up deleting my previous character to make room for this one. :frowning: