Character Restoration - Request

Wanted to ask if I could get a deleted character restored. I kinda regret deleting him for something else.

Region: EU Central
World: Asta
Class: Artillerist
Name: Cyirus

Hey there @Cynx

Allow me a moment to check if we’re able to restore your character! Make sure to have an open character slot and be logged out of the game.

Both should be applicable. Thanks for the lightning-fast reaction. :slight_smile:

@Cynx I was able to find 2 level 50 Artillerists with the name Cyirus, one is 340 item level and the other one’s max earned item level is 516, however it seems the gear for this last one was dismantled or sold to the general merchant and might need to be repurchased. Which one of these 2 would you like to have restored?

The 516 one if I can buy back the gear from the merchant. Is that possible?

@Cynx From what I’m seeing on my side it should be possible, I’ve now restored the character so please log back in and check if you’re able to do it!


hello Fanduh, can i get any info on waht happined with mayhem berserker or it’s a bug, it feels more squishy then reaper ?

Thanks, it worked, could also re-buy all my important stuff. Again, thanks for the quick work! :slight_smile:

@raividas45 why are you asking me that in this kind of topic here? That aside, it’s common knowledge that Mayhem Zerks are the squishiest class, if you’re not playing with defensive cards.
Just look up a guide like the one on .

i have bine playng mayhem zerk for a while man, it’s a first time he was diening in 1 - 2 hits

Hey there @raividas45

Make sure to check that first, your gear is not broken, gear durability is reduced after combat and deaths and you can go to the Repairer NPC to repair your gear. Another possible cause is crafting a piece of gear and gear transferring, then loading into an activity where you have a selected preset, can cause that new piece of armor to not be equipped since it was not previously part of the preset.