Character Restoration (title in use)


I would like to request a character restoration.

Server: Calvasus
Main Character: Congelato
Region: EUC
Character to restore: Houwitser (Artillerist)

Let me know if you need more info!

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Hi @Citraschatzi :lion: Welcome back to the Forum!

I hope you’re doing great and I’ll be more happy to help you with your character. :sparkles:
I’m going to check your account and I’ll be back in a moment!

Remember to be offline from the game and a free character slot. :man_mage:

Thank you! I hope you are doing great yourself! I have closed the game and there are character slots available.

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Thank you as well! :slight_smile: Your character is now restored and you can restart the game to check if it works! If you need anything else please let me know!

Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords:

Thank you for the quick restore! He’s back and everything is working. Thanks!!

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