Character Restoration - Una - NA EAST

Hi I was wondering now that the new year is up if I could get one of my character restored.

Name: Lemonkek
Server: Una - NA East

I would like to use his post to request the same thing.

I recently, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I deleted a character named Amanditas (Wardancer tier3) and I kinda regret it now. After that, I created a Scrapper and now a Striker. However, I want my Wardancer back. Tried to creater a char named as Amanditas and saw that the name was already in use. So i figured that its still in your database.

Is it possible to get her back, please?

Name: Amanditas
Server: Kazeros South America

Thank you!

Hey there, @Lemon9k1!

I see you’d like to recover a character, however you’ve exceeded the amount of possible character recoveries. There were some misunderstandings in regards of how the character restore exceptions were granted. So for better understanding, each character recovery has a 365 days cool down.

If you need assistance with anything else let me know. Stay safe!

HI @mtkdragon, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I checked your account and it seems to be in good standings for a character recovery.

However, you need to have an empty character slot and close the game.

Let me know whenever you have that empty slot and you’re offline. :wink:

In 24hs the slot will be open! Can u confirm that I get the char back with the previous gear lvl @ t3?

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When we restore characters all their gear and items before deletion are recovered as well. So there shouldn’t be any problem as long as the items weren’t dismantled or destroyed or so before deleting the character.

I’ll be around tomorrow so just tag me here once the slot is ready, talk to you tomorrow! :smiley:

Hi! Just to let you know I have an empty slot and offline!
Ready to go.

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Hey there @mtkdragon!

I found and restored Amanditas for you, so let me know if you see it back in your roster.

I’ll be around in case you need help with anything else. :wink: