Character restore again lol

Could i restore a character on my roster again? the name was Mr. Igùbaba at level 1370. Server Danube NA East, Main character Soaresgg

Hi @jacobghost25

Hope you are doing well!

I have check if is possible to restore you character, however I couldn’t find the character name Mr. Igùbaba. The one I could find was a deleted Striker character named: Igúbaba.

Can you confirm me that character is the one you want to restore?

I’ll be waiting for your confirmation! :wolf:

yes that is the character

Thanks for your confirmation! @jacobghost25

I like to confirm you that I have restored your Striker character named: Igúbaba

Please log in to your account and confirm your character is in your roster and you can see it to verify that the restoration was completed.

I’ll be waiting for your confirmation! :wolf: