Character Restore Destro Kadan

Hi, I would like to restore my Destroyer 1310 called Äkuhammer in Kadan, is it possible?

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Hi @Akulu,

Let me take a look into this, please make sure you have an slot available and keep the game close to proceed.

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Hey @Akulu, I can’t find the character Äkuhammer, can you please give the name of an active character in the same server as reference?



one example would be Äkulu (Soulfist 1543.33)

Tell me when i should close game so i do it ^^

Guess the name has more diaeresis, maybe it is Äkuhämmer or Äkuhammër


Alright thank you!

I found Äkuhämmer and I’m ready to proceed with the restoration, please close the game now and let me know : )

Perfect, game closed

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I’ve successfully restored the character Äkuhämmer, you can launch the game now and continue your adventures.

If there is anything else I can assist with just let me know,


That was so fast! haha

Thanks, you can close the ticket/post ^^

Best regards

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