Character Restore - Gunlancer

Hi there,

With all my alts, I can’t recall the name of this Gunlancer i deleted. I know it was level 50 as i had used a Vern KT on that character.

My main characters are Madmaxxx and Gipsydanger on Regulus - US East. @Santoryu Helped me with another one yesterday.

Thank you!

Hello @mtc7390,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

Let me help you with this request. Please log off the game while I’m working on this. Stay around so we can check if I find the correct character.


Would the character be Redlantern? Is the only gunlancer I see on the account, but I want to confirm with you first.

Please let me know! :sunflower:

@aePixie yea that’s it! Okay im logged out.

Thank you so much for replying,

I restored the character, please check your game, let me know if you need further assistance.

Have a wonderful day! :sunflower:

Yep all good here @aePixie

Thank you!