Character Restore Problem

Yesterday I went on Amazon games live chat to ask if they could restore a character that I deleted last month. I deleted the character because I didn’t know if I wanted to play that specific class (Bard) and I wanted to reuse the name. But I got to level 12 on them and didn’t know there was a 60 day wait until I could reuse the name.

Now I want to play that class with that specific name. So the Amazon games live chat representative asked me for my character name and region.

They told me they restored the level 12 character, but I logged in and saw the character was restored on the server Avesta. I realized that I forgot that I changed servers to Regulus, which I now have been playing on for around 100 hours. The live chat representative didn’t say anything about the character being on Avesta instead of Regulus.

Is it possible if I could get the character deleted and restore the amount of time that I had already waited? I’ve already been waiting for a long time to use this name again and I don’t want to have the waiting period reset again to another full 60 days because of this. Or even could I get the name dumped right now so I could use it again?

Thank you!

Hello @koreangamer and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear about the situation with your character names.

Right now, we can’t bypass the timer for the system to recycle the name and being available to use. The tools we have for restoration don’t allow us to change a different server from the one where the character was created initially.

I can to check if deleting that restored character, will reactivate the 60 days cooldown period for its name or if it will keep the remaining time from the previous deletion.

If I can help you with anything else let me know.

I have deleted the character. Please let me know if it reset the 60 day waiting period for the name or it kept the remaining time from the previous deletion.

Is there any update on whether it reset the 60 day waiting period or it kept the remaining time from the previous deletion?

It does reset the 60 day cooldown for the name recycling.

Unfortunate but I guess I have no choice but to wait for a 60 day period. Thanks for your help.

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