Character restore request - Scrapper


Being new to the game and wanting to test characters at level 50, i used several of my North Vern Knowledge transfers on characters that I ended up deleting, usually do to not liking the class playstyle. I did this before realizing there was a limit of 9 North vern KT’s.

Is there a way you can see what level 50 characters I have deleted off of my account on US-Regulus? The only one i would like recovered was a level 50 Scrapper and unfortunately I can’t remember what i even named this character. Can you still help?

If it helps, my main characters are Madmaxxx and Gipsydanger on US-East-Regulus.

Thank you!

Hello @mtc7390 , Welcome to the forums!

I can restore your character Teamxbladz, lvl 50 scrapper for you!

Also, you need space in your roaster if you want to restore this character. You can delete a character or buy a new slot if you needed!

Once you have space, i need you to log off the game for a moment, so i will be able to restore it.

Let me know when everything it’s done! :mage:

My boys a fan of Brink :handshake:

@momonkeys of course man, did you see how they treated the soul skaters?

@Sapphiron I noticed that and bought another character slot. I’m offline now if you’re available to restore the character. Thanks!

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Hi @mtc7390 ! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll be helping you with your character!

I restored your character “Teamxbladz” lvl 50 Scrapper.

Let’s restart the game and let me know if that is the right one. :mage:

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@Lyon That’s the one. Thank you!

You’re more than welcome! :slight_smile:

If you need anything else please let me know! :sparkles:

Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords: