Character Restore?

Is it possible at all to get a character restored, I’ve been knowledge transferring to try out all the classes and did not realise there was a limit. Long story short I’ve somewhat settled on a half-dozen characters I would like to play but don’t want to play through the MSQ on a Pally again, would I please be able to get my old one restored?

Server - Rohendel
Main char - Lusamino
Deleted char - Tymareto or Tymatu or Tymareti


Hello @Tymareta, Welcome to the forums!

I will be able to restore one of your characters, however i need you to disconnect from the game during this process!

Let me know when you are offline!

Amazing, thank-you - I’ve just hopped offline.


I have restored your character Tymareto, you can log in now. You may need to restart the game in order to see it!

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Farewell! :mage:

Magic, you’re brilliant, thank-you for the super quick response and all the hard work y’all are putting into a mammoth release.

Best mmo(and smoothest launch) I’ve played and I’ve been cracking at them since the early UO days!

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