Character Slot Creation Issue

I have a minor issue with the character creation slot count, especially for a game that encourages you to play alts. You start with 6, I somehow earned a free character slot ticket, seems fair enough that I can earn more character slots playing the game, but after that you have to pay $15 AUD per character slot? With a cap at 12, and potentially 20-30 classes total after taking into consideration new classes being developed, yet you have to pay $15 AUD for the extra 5 slots? Have literally needed to delete alts just to try other classes for alts in a game that encourages you to use alts to progress your other characters through tiers? Anyone else seeing a problem with this system set up?

This is the 1 time ill use the “this game is f2p” as an excuse. It makes sense from a monetization point of a f2p game. I just hope they give us more slots we can buy when new classes come out. To me there is no problem with this at all.

I may be wrong but there is a second slot at the bottom of Character selection screen indicated as 1 and 2. So 12 for the first slot, and another 12 for the second. So 24 in total?

They may be adding more slots in the future? I am unsure though, because I only have 1 main and 4 alts. I don’t plan on having more characters. 4 alts already takes a lot of my time already and they are around the Tier 2 and 3 range~

6 for the first slot, and 6 for the second slot, at the moment I have 8 characters (though half I don’t really use anymore) and not really saying that all character slots should be free, but I could see ways to increase the character slot count total, and maybe provide for people who want to purchase the crystalline aura in some way (such as potentially increasing total character count from 12-16, and making 8 purchasable slots, with 8 free slots) but maybe that’s just my opinion, just seems a little strange to make so many fun classes, but so few slots that if you want to try them all you have to play on multiple servers or delete others, which to some people, mainly altoholics, would be incredibly painful and that’s most likely why I find it to be an issue, even though I only see it as a small detail kind of issue, as I’m an altoholic who loves trying new classes and playstyles haha