Character slots and merges for F2P


we know that in September there will be server merges in the EUW and EUC region. What we dont know yet, how many char slots will those new “mega servers” have?

Right now, an average player has created more than 6 chars in a region, most I guess have spread them across servers, either to not be forced into buying additional slots as 6 are F2P on each realm, or because they want to experience a different community, or they are placeholders for later class releases.

If we assume that the 8 EUW turn into 2 mega realms and the 16 EUC into 4, we would look at a massive decline in F2P char slots.

No matter if you already have created your chars or if you will at some later time, there are more than 18 available classes and char slots can not be bought with ingame currency.

By doing server merges, the community will be further limited in creating those classes, unless they increase the F2P slots on each mega realm.

Another question would be, what happens with your excessive chars. Lets say you own 16 chars and the new mega realm has 6 slots, where do the other 10 go to?

In a month the merge will happen and I feel that not having answers to those questions is a big issue right now.

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my guess is you’ll need to choose which of your babies has to die

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I believe this was already posted/answered earlier. They said they’ll release an FAQ on the details and this will be taken into account