Character Slots + Feedback on Patches

Hi Amazonians, just a few thoughts about character slots and feedback on the past few weeks.

Character Slots
It would be really awesome if you guys could increase the number of character slots with the April Glaivier release from 12 slots to 18. I absolutely love this game but I’m already at the character limit cap (11 because I’m saving the 12th for Glaivier), and am in need of more lopang bots and T3 toons! There are too many interesting classes in this game and I think this change wouldn’t really negatively impact anything or anyone.

Patch Feedback
I think you guys are doing a good job with the communication and patch notes. Personally I think there are a disproportionate amount of players that complain on the forums vs the other communities (YT, Twitch, etc). The current game state + recent announcements haven’t gone perfectly, but I overall I am extremely excited for all the stuff that’s coming out. I think the upgrade material injections are an adequate solution until the Guardian/Abyss Trials come out and have been really helpful in pushing my alts to 1340/1370 as well as my lowbies through T1 and T2.

I would love to see more direct communication/exposure to game director Goldriver (or any other similar figure for the Amazon side), as this direct line of interaction is HUGE for player morale. It’s very hard to find MMO developers these days that actually care about and listen to their playerbase, so I think you guys should lean into that angle (especially with the recent press releases, its obvious that transparency and honesty is a huge point of importance for everyone on the team). Logistically it might be a bit difficult, but I think the ROI you would get on something like this is priceless.

Thanks again, excited for all the new content coming out!


We ask for more slots since day1 they just say they don’t even plan to add more… U can buy more slots but u will get nothing