Character Slots for f2p

With the new classes coming up, do you will finally make that cashshop item only avaiable in blue diamonds? Or at least make it tradeable so cashshoppers can trade it (its already possible to gift it a player i believe but nobody is gonna trust a randie… or this will eventually lead to mass scams)

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I think 6 slot for f2p players are enough already ?


Why should this be enough for F2P? What does you make think it isnt for P2P?
It could even sounds discriminating, its almost like saying poor people should have max 2 children while rich can have as much they want. (Ok don’t take it too serious :joy: but it really sounded like this to me).

Thing is, it makes more sense for f2p to grind more chars than the p2p. Lemme say f2p has 2 char t3 2x t2 and 2xt1, they will have to delete everytime one of their t1 char just to have the possibility to try a class which they may not appreciate. Counter-productive, when I personally think f2p player may have at least 4 t3 characters to progress fair on their main, since honing is so punishing and very less materials are dropping.
Meanwhile p2p players can use their bought currency to get gold if they need more materials, or don’t have to choose between progress or vanity.

Im not f2p at all, but look we now have already 17 classes, with 6 slots it’s not even half of the gameplay possibilities.
If the f2p players have to always create new accounts to try a class, it does not make any sense since they will have to regrind everything from zero…

If the character slots were tradeable this would just offer more possibilities… both for P2P and F2P.

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Not wrong though… if you are poor, how do you afford to pay upkeep for all the children?

I think 6 slots free is considerably generous of them, because dungeon/legion raid gold is capped to 6 characters. Any player who enjoy the game that much and willing to invest the time in more than 6 characters shouldn’t mind supporting the game a bit.

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Problem is not the game but Steam, i myself got issues not being able to buy anything on steam because they have an address bug, i entered personnal informations but were unable to pay with any payement method they offer, even got issues with steam cards.

I fount a workaround for this so i dont really care anymore but I won’t publicy that workaround bcs then steam will fix this since i am illegal doing this (not for the game aspect but for tax fees aspect)

Aren’t additional character slots already available for blue diamonds?

I don’t think so? Haven’t tried buying one myself. That would be extremely generous of them if it was.

“its almost like saying poor people should have max 2 children while rich can have as much they want. (Ok don’t take it too serious :joy: but it really sounded like this to me).”

Well, you are not wrong. :joy:

I think they are. I can’t remember, but almost everything in the shop that is a consumable uses blue crystals.

their 800 rc each no blue crystal version

They could make it sell for blue crystals, i think they’re only a RC item now which sucks. Not really cause i wanna play more than 6 as a f2p, but moreso i don’t want to delete current chracters to make room for newer ones.
as a f2p deleting a t2 alt is too painful even if i didn’t like that class lol