Character specific keybinds please

So I finally got around to making my gunslinger, to put it mildly, the normal binds I use for special abilities on other classes ( tilda and alt+tilda ) simply wont cut it with the weapon swap for flow reasons. I want to set it the same as how I handle this on other games, but constantly swapping keybinds is going to get rather old quickly all for the sake of an alt which is why I’m pleading for this addition to the game.

Anyway, while what sparked this post was personal annoyance, I can’t be the only one who wishes they could set separate binds for different classes.


i second this.
Class specific key binds would be an amazing feature

I definitely need this. We are encouraged to play alts and sometimes the buttons we have already set up does not match the next class. Character specific keybinds please ^.^