Character stuck at sea shipwreck

Hello, after several weeks, my character is stuck at sea.

I have created 2 Tickets that are still unanswered.
I have also spoken several times to the online support in the form of chat which, excuse me, is not professional at all. I feel like I’ve been abandoned like a used tissue.

It’s been a good two weeks since my character’s condition has changed and it’s becoming unplayable. This is my hand. The character I wanted to play throughout the Lost Ark adventure and he’s lost in the middle of a shipwreck and I can’t even access the port interface since "you have to be in a port to perform the action. I can’t even access the port interface because “you have to be in a port to perform the action”… out, Rohendel, Yorn Bern and so on, nothing works, my character is bugged and I can’t do anything.

Now since the french support has made an action in my account I cant log in with my character and they keep telling me it’s because of my internet connexion but even when I’m in 3 differents areas in my country I still can’t log in.

I’ve made a topic on french support but now they are not answering me and this keep my frustrated. I dont know if you guys have a solution for this but I really need to be keep in consideration and be resolved asap because It’s been soon a month that im stuck.

If you have no solutions I want to be compensated since I’ve a founder pack and now my main character is stuck and can’t even log in.

Hello there!

Sorry to hear about your character being stuck.
Can you provide character name and region? (assuming is Central Europe, but please confirm)

Were you given a Trouble Ticket number? This would help me investigate.

And, I just have to ask, have you had your character manually unstuck from our system?
Does this happen with an specific quest or everytime you log in simply cant move?
-Have you tried running steam as an administrator and verifying integrity of files through steam?
-Have you tried uninstalling the game?

Waiting to hear from you,


Dear DevonK,

Yeah Im on Central Europe, Trixion, name is Zetrya.

I don’t have any number of tickets, only mails from the supports but no such ticket ID.

They tried to téléport my character twice and since the second Time I can’t login and have the error code that is showen on my first message. They told me It’s the faut of my internet connexion but I even when I’m on my girls home or in my house or on holidays on my laptop (different computer) I still can’t login since they tried to port me. With my others chars I can login but with my main char stucked in wreckship I cant.

I also made a verification, uninstalled/reinstalled, and admin launch…

The thing is that I feel really disappointed because the french support isn’t answering me since 3 days now because they have no Idea what is happening with my character and they probably don’t want to know …

Hope you guys could do something.

Really sorry to hear about this.

Did you delete your character? (not suggesting, asking)
Have you troubleshoot DNS, firewall?

When all the troubleshooting has been performed, we need to file a report.
The way this things work is they get relevan information to tackle the issue to devs, but until they figure out, we must be a little patient.
We can perform a couple of steps and if we get dont get the result, we file a report.
I would give you the report NO, and do my best to keep updated.

Cheers !

No I did not deleted m’y character but In fact Im really thinking about it because nothing IS Moving and It makes me really sad to bé honest …

I dont need to troubleshoot firewall or DNS since I have 2 Computers and nothing changes with both. One IS at m’y house the other one is at my girlfriend house who is 30km away. So the DNS/Firewall isn’t the issue …

I can now login, I have troubleshooted the issue