Character Stuck cant log in to him

Hello my character got stuck in a instance,
when the EUC servers had problems, with Ping,
any way to help me? probably changing the location

Server Kadan
Char name: Goatlm

Same, stuck in instance

Server: Zinnvervale
Char: Maesen

same here :frowning:

Appapap - Slen

Hello Seekers! :lion:

I hope everyone is having a great day and I’m sorry that you folks experience this issue.

@Goat0Man & @apparaten Let’s try something, I moved your characters back to Prideholme but let’s check the Steam files before opening the game and let me know if it works. :sparkles:

@Nouzen I saw your character online, do you still have issues with your character?

works for me now, thank you

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Hello, this topic seems less crowded so i wanted to try here :slight_smile:

My character is stuck also;

Eu Central / Neria: Velarum.

Was in my stronghold before server crash.

Hi i am stuck in 1370 abyss Dungeon. Song of Espace doesn´t work.

Navinator - Asta

Same, stuck in Chaos Dungeon

Server: EU Central
Char: Rhenayá

Hello. Thanks for looking into this, chars with the issue (all on EUC Slen)


The latter I used a PP on her as well which disappeared from my account but hasn’t bumped her level.

Thanks again!

@Velarum @navinator @Rhenaya Hello Folks! :lion:

I hope everyone is doing great today and I’m sorry about this issue.

I moved your characters back to Prideholme, let’s check the Steam files and let me know if it works. :sparkles:

@Herring Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

I moved your characters as well so please let’s follow the same steps and let me know if it works for you. :mage:

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I crashed while joining Chaos Dungeon in Nia and now I cannot log in with my main.
Server: Enviska/USWest
Char: Annalina

hey, so the server just entered in maintenance! xd
but i guess it worked, thanks a lot!!!
have a great day of work

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Servers are restarted but i assume it is worked will try again after restart.

Thank you very much it was the fastest solution i got in this game.

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@Annalina Your character is moved as well but let’s wait a few minutes until we complete the maintenance. :slight_smile:

@Goat0Man @Velarum more than welcome to help :slight_smile: if you folks still have issues after the maintenance please let me know! :mage:

Same, stuck in scenerio instans

Server: EU Central Zinnervale
Char: Yumecz

ty for help

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Same problem for me. Was in Chaos Dungeon when the game crashed. Dont know if the maintenance will fix the problem. But just to be sure:

Server: EU Central Mokoko
Char: Dinkofelic

Edit: It works!

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I am ok afther maintenance

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Perfect! :slight_smile: I’m glad to know that is working now!

If someone still need assistance please let me know!

Safe travels in Arkesia! :earth_africa: :crossed_swords:

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Thanks,works fine without problems :vulcan_salute: