Character stuck in ghost ship

As title says; game crashed for me during Ghostship, and now i cant log in. Get the message: “Could not connect to game”

Name: Teq
Region and server: Europe west/Stonehearth
Class: Gunslinger
Level: 51
Female o male: Femaile

Hey @tequesta.

Welcome to the Lost Ark community.

I’m sorry that your character is stuck.

I can help you relocating your character, but you are required to close the game for me to do that.

Let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll go ahead and try relocating your character.

Looking forward for your response.
Have a good one! ★

Hi @MrLee i have same issue as above, but i wasnt even leaving the port yet. Any chance for help?

Name: Aveko
Region/Server: Stonehearth EU West
Class: Deathblade
Level: 51
Gender: Female