Character Stuck in Great Castle

My bard just got stuck in Great Castle, i can’t log with her. Can someone move her.

Region: SA
Server: Kazeros
Character: Uphy

Thank You.

Hello @Magictac ,

Greetings! :handshake:

Let me try to relocate your bard, will edit here once done .

Thanks :slight_smile:


Successfully moved your character. Verify game files and relaunch the game.

Happy Adventure! :magic_wand:

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It worked, but i got stucked again, probabily is a bug with Great Castle Triport, can you move me again plz, im so sorry.
OMG i cant believe.
Im not using this triport again, and if possible report is a bug.

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Hey there @Magictac!

I’ve moved your character to Prideholme!

Just in case, please try verifying your game file integrity on Steam by following the steps here:

Hope this helps!

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Its fine now, thank you both. And sorry for the trouble.

Can you move my character too, the game keeps crashing after load screen. I think it is a failed move to Stronghold.

Region: EUW
Server: Rethramis
Character: Applebandit

Hey there @afpersing, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Let me relocate your character and see if it works, just log off the game and verify the integrity of the game files in the meantime. I’ll edit this comment once it’s done. :wink:

EDIT: @afpersing Your character Applebandit was successfully relocated, let me know if it worked.

That worked! And I was able to get back to my Stronghold without issue now. Seems I crashed while getting there before.

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