Character Stuck in Haiger’s Manor Loading Screen

My character is locked.

Doesn’t load and gets stuck.
Nick: Ispartan
Server: Kazeros


Same for me.
EUC - Asta

Same for me stuck in loading screen.
I swapped character , restarted the game and i still stuck.
Please HELP we can’t play on.
Server : Trixion
Character : Iyrianna

Would love if someone could move me to a safe place!
EUC - Mokoko

Thank you!

Same for me, character is stuck in the loading screen.

EUC - Zinnervale
Character : Ledritwo


mine character is stuck in loading screen to haigers manor for 2 days yet no fix incoming.
Server :Rethramis
Character : Tongliya

same for me
Central Europe
Server: Brelshaza
Name Suskines

Hello, if you have a character that is stuck in an area. Please get straight on to our support team and start a live chat. They will be able to help.

Worse for me, I can’t even get in. It tells me a maintenance is underway…