Character stuck in infinite loading screen

My machinist alt is stuck in an infinite loading screen everytime i log into him, is there anyway to fix this or can i get some help?

Hello @Survival

I hope you are doing well.

Iā€™m sorry for the issue regarding the stuck character. Could you please help me with the character name and server/region name so that I can try to relocate the character to a safer place for you?

I also request you to log out of the game while I do that.

Looking forward to your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

IGN: Mygunjammed
server: una
region north America east
and im stuck in a loading screen in vern

Thanks a lot for the response @Survival

I have successfully relocated the character back to Prideholme for you. Please verify the integrity of the game files on Steam Client before relaunching the game and check if you are able to access it now.

Have a great day ahead. :innocent:

thank you very much

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