Character stuck in laoding screen - game crashes

My character is stuck in loading screen while atempting to get inside Maze of Mirrors dungeon.

Central EU
char: Trisestky

Hello @Trisestky, welcome to our forums!

My apologies to hear about the inconvenience with the stuck character. I am going to move your character to Prideholme, hopefully that will help us to unstuck your character.
In the meantime, just to discard possible issues please run an Steam integrity check. Once you are done with that please launch Lost Ark and check the character status.

Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes.

Thank you! All resolved.

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My pleasure!

Anything else you need please just let us know.

Have a great weekend, see you in Arkesia! :sunrise::sailboat:

I’ve tried to enter the dungeon again, because of main quest line, and it happened again. Stuck and game crashed… Any ideas?

It looks like it can be a possible issue/bug in that area.

I’m going to relocate your character again to unstuck it and. If is possible, please contact our Customer support here:

Please tell them the situation you are experiencing or share the link to this forum thread so they can read the previous conversation. They will escalate your case with a ticket to the dev team for further investigation in the error you experience in that zone.

My apologies for the inconveniences and thank you so much for your collaboration and patience!

Not sure if it makes any difference, but I’ve tried it one more time, now with increased dungeon difficulty and it let me in.

Awesome! Thank you for your feedback. It help us to escalate the issues and fix them as soon as possible for our players!

Have a wonderful day!