Character stuck in load screen after today patch

it happen right after today update and when i log into some of my char and zone them to North Vern Castle , they all stuck in loading screen (its about like 10% loading then it just stuck)

Hello @Erenshia,

Hope you are doing well.

Can you help me with the name and Server/Region of your characters which are stuck so that I can help you better?

i have 3 char that currently stuck there atm , idk if that is from me problem or maybe something wrong with the server .

Region : NA West
Server : Shandi

my char is :

  1. Lyurenia (Shadow Hunter)
  2. Mugatsu (Berserker)
  3. Myunia (Scrapper)

i log out just in case

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Hello @Erenshia,

Thank you for your reply.

I have relocated all you aforementioned characters to Prideholme.

I request you to check once and confirm if this helped or not?


@HAWK_EYES sorry for the trouble .

i can log in to all 3 of them , but just now i try to enter Vern Castle again with my SH and i still cant go there without getting stuck in loading screen .

i already try verifying files on steam and it still wont fix the problem .
any suggestion on how to fix this ? or should i avoid Vern Castle for the time being ?

Hello @Erenshia,

Sorry for the trouble caused.

Seems like the area is bugged at the moment.

I have relocated your characters once again and request you to kindly avoid the area for the moment till we fix it.

Hope this helps. :magic_wand:

@HAWK_EYES okay , thanks for the help !

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