Character Stuck In Loading Screen After Tripod Use


Earlier today I was playing on my main character using a tripod to do treasure maps with my group. After I used the tripod my character got stuck in the loading screen and eventually crashed my game. If I log into my other characters, I don’t have any problem at all. Each time I try to log into my main character it crashes the game.

I’ve looked into a previous thread telling them to verify the files to see if that works, but I’ve tried that a few times and it doesn’t work for me. In the same thread, they said that if their character gets moved then their character becomes playable again. Would someone please be able to help me with this?

NA West - Mari
Character Name: Hairynujabes

Hello @Hairynujabes!

Sorry to hear about that character causing a crash when you attempt to log in, I moved it to the last location it was, could you check if it allows you to log in normally?

Hope this helps! :sheep:

Thank you so much! That fixed my problem and I was able to log back in.

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